Hi, I’m Takin, a Digitial marketer with over 10 years of experience in building brands, and generating business results using digital solutions.



2020 – Present



Nordic Choice Hotels

2017 – 2020


2016 – 2017


2013 – 2016

Since 2013 I have worked with some of the worlds largest brands.


Through my job as a Digital Marketing Manager at PolestarI’m part of a passionate group of people working to create a more sustainable electric future. One car at a time. 


With my combined experience working with brands and agencies on a strategic and operational level has given me insights to continue generating success stories through digital channels.


I also do talks and keynotes about the subjects I’m passionate about through Talerlisten

What a personality! Takin spoke at our digital marketing conference, Spark, in Copenhagen and man did he deliver. The content was fresh, insightful and advanced. It felt refreshing hearing a brand go deep into what works and what doesn’t. He’s definitely a personality that I loved having at Spark. The audience loved him and the full room proved it. Looking forward to collaborating again
Dino Kuckovic
Takin is an extremely talented young man. In addition, he has a personality and enthusiasm that is remarkable! He gave a lecture about Facebook and Google to my company to a group of skeptics. After Takin's lecture, the skeptics had become enthusiasts and convinced of the importance of visibility in social media such as Facebook and Google. I can wholeheartedly recommend Takin!
Belinda Sandberg
We have several times used Takin's expertise in advertising on Facebook for the students in Digital Marketing in Oslo and Bergen both digitally and on-site at Noroff. He receives very good feedback from the students for his ability to teach and his knowledge of advertising in social media and his knowledge of creating organic growth in social media. Would highly recommend Takin!
Kjetil Korsveien
Takin is a social media expert. He is curious by nature, exploratory and not afraid to test out new things. What he doesn't know, he finds out and what he can't, he learns. Takin is a team player with a real "yes-attitude", he is positive, enthusiastic and not least creative! We have worked closely together for several years, both strategically and tactically, and it is always a pleasure to work with him.
Martine Nerheim Ahlsen
Quality Hotels
Takin gave a very good presentation at our gathering of travel professionals, where the focus was "How to succeed on Facebook". He managed to keep the congregation engaged and has a very inspiring way of communicating. Got feedback from several people in the room afterwards that they were now very excited to make more of their company profile on Facebook, with the help of tips and advice from Takin.
Torunn Dyrkorn
Visit Northwest
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